Glacier Management is fully aware of the fact that today, students move around cities in search of a good, prestigious academic institution to grow with their career leading to a successful professional life. A large percentage of their population needs support from the institutions they want to enroll in. keeping this into consideration, Glacier management has seceded to offer a wide verity of scholarship programs to assist their smooth studies and progress towards a career. For enrollment in this academic year, there will be the following categories of scholarships available to the students on competition basis:

-  Excellent performance in SLC
-  Extraordinary performance in the districts
-  Top among females of the districts, schools
-  Conflict victim’s family
-  Dalit, remote dweller, disadvantaged group
-  Artist’ connection- recommendation
-  Media connection and recommendation
-  Sports sector recommendation
-  HSEB recommendations
-  Natural calamity victims
-  Others- depending on needs as evaluation of college.

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