Glacier College has separate hostel for boys and girls respectively which have good and congenial environment for accommodation and study.



The college has comfortable transport system as per the need of students. However, the students who prefer to use public transport will not have any problem at all because of the highly convenient location of the college.



College has a well standard cafeteria within the premises where the students can have breakfast or lunch.


Student Care Unit

Glacier College believes that the college is the home of the students. Students once enrolled must feel comfortable to spend their valuable time in their studies, research and other supportive activities such as ECAs. The college has consulted this unit in order to provide special care to those who need this.


Guest Lectures

We have several guest lectures and experts like Doctors, Professors, Engineers,Lawyers, IT Experts, Scientists, Charter Accountants and Players during theacademic years to boost up the confidence level and performance of the studentsin respected areas. The main objectives of such classes are to impartadditional information and make the students aware of various disciplines theyare interested in.



GIC has provided special arrangement for variety of sports such as Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, among others. There are 12 different sports sectors where Glacier College Students are now engaged and competing with sister colleges, main of them being- Football, Volley Ball, Cricket, Martial Arts, Karate, Judo etc.
The National Sports Council and its Kathmandu District have given special focus on the growth of sportsmanship at Glacier. Glacier has made an agreement with Madhyapur Youth Club with regards to sports. National celebrities such as Paras Khadka has agreed to assume the role of guardian and honorary coach for Cricket.
We strongly believe that sports and education must go together to keep the spirit of the student high through regular competition with other institutions.



Similarly, Excursion has been popular activity where senior school and college students are taken to different places of Nepal and India. The focus of such excursion has been to visit and experience the places as part of hospitality studies. Students also visit industrial sites, business complexes and prepare industrial profile such sites under the guidance of subject teachers.


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